Programme Vision:

Over the next decade, we will see even greater utilisation of this resource as developments in wireless seek to exploit THz and optical ranges of the spectrum, while innovations in fibre (wired) systems will pave the way for hollow-core fibres and the use of new longer wavelength systems. Given this trend, it is clear that wireless and wired spectrum can no longer be considered in isolation and must be treated as single resource. Future communications systems will therefore be required to jointly optimise design and operation across both domains to deliver intelligent ‘all-spectrum’ connectivity which can adapt to meet the current and future demands of users. This will include ubiquitous access to services providing capacity, reliability, reduced latency and sensing, all under the constraints of enhanced levels of security, resilience, energy efficiency and sustainability.




The key goal of the Hub is to realise the vision of ‘all-spectrum connectivity’ by focusing on the challenges of:

All-spectrum connectivity:

In this challenge we will determine how to optimally combine regions of wired and wireless spectra for end-to-end connectivity, beyond the use of conventional transport methods.




Efficient, reliable and resilient networks:

We will explore techniques for seamless and energy-efficient integration of different access technologies, including fibre, microwave, mmWave, THz and LiFi.

Trust and security:

We will investigate areas including optical and RF physical layer security techniques, combining QKD with end-to-end connectivity; optical wireless for security; and optical and RF Physical Layer Security.


This Hub will bring together eight partner institutions from across the UK in a 3 year programme of work. The Hub will have an initial 6-month start-up phase, during which we will engage with relevant stakeholders from across industry, government, operators, regulators and academia (many of whom have existing relationships with Hub members) to co-create a roadmap to deliver all-spectrum connectivity, addressing our three core challenges. We will engage with, and build a community of Academia, Industry and Government through regular events, researcher exchanges, and addition of new partners. A successful programme will deliver a unified view of the wired and wireless spectrum and how best to jointly use these resources, and a strong, vibrant community of researchers, Industry and government. It will deliver new knowledge and innovation, and help strengthen the UKs position in the global wired and wireless community.

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